October 20th at 8 pm

Dyslexia and Technology – a world of difference

by Mike Williams, Expert AT Services, Assistive Technology Consultancy

Does your son/daughter/pupil:

  • Struggle to read efficiently?
  • Struggle with spelling or structuring sentences?
  • Regularly forget information or have difficulty with organisation?

Are you making the most of technology?

Mike has worked in the field of assistive technology for more than 30 years. He regularly delivers assessments, training and support for people of all ages with specific learning difficulties as well as for people with disabilities like visual impairment, physical, speech and language difficulties etc.

In this online workshop, Mike will demonstrate, and talk about a range of technologies offering support for children and adults with dyslexia, or other specific learning difficulties. Some of these technologies support areas like reading, writing and spelling, whilst others provide support with organisation, planning, memory and use of audio for notetaking and recording ideas etc.

Mike will include free and low cost software and apps as well as the more “tried and tested” (not free!) software products. There will be opportunities to ask questions at the end of the workshop.

If you would like to join this
 Zoom meeting please register in advance by emailing your first name, surname and email address to: admin@suttondyslexia.org.uk
First of all you will receive an acknowledgment of your registration and then on the morning of the meeting we will send the joining details.