If you choose to be a member of Sutton Dyslexia Association you will receive the following benefits:

  • • a free copy of our newsletter at the beginning of each school term (January, April, September) to keep you informed of our future meetings and meetings in neighbouring Dyslexia Associations that may interest you too.
  • • a free online copy of the Dyslexia Contact magazine sent from the British Dyslexia Association 3 x each year, containing news of events, articles by Dyslexia experts and people with dyslexia, news about the BDA’s work and advertisements of interest to people with dyslexia.
  • • free entry to our meetings, where you can learn from Dyslexia Specialist Speakers and meet other people coping with dyslexia in their families or at school.

Join Sutton Dyslexia Association

You can join Sutton Dyslexia Association in two ways.

The annual subscription is £12. If you want to join for a year, please go to Download an Application Form and follow the instructions.
However, you can save £2 by making out a standing order or completing an electronic subscription, which saves us administration time and ensures that your supply of newsletters and magazines is not interrupted.  For this option, please go to Apply for Membership Online and follow the instructions.

Select your method of joining below…

Select your method of joining below…

If you have any questions about membership we are happy to help, please email