We have regular meetings on Wednesday evenings - see dates below. They usually take place at:
The Friends Meeting House (in Cedar Road)

However, because of the coronavirus epidemic, all public meetings will take place via Zoom. Please see below for details.

Upcoming Meetings

10th March 2021 at 8 pm

Dyslexia Friendly Ways to Support Homework

This presentation is based on my book for parents “Taking the Hell out of Homework.”  It presents the “tricks of the trade” I used as an SEN specialist when doing homework  with my vulnerable daughter.  The focus will be on how to support typical home learning and homework tasks like learning spellings, reading with your child, learning for tests and getting ideas down on paper. 
This will be a very practical and hands on session suitable for both parents and teachers. When they register, participants will be given a short list of items to have to hand  at the meeting e.g. highlighters, plastic or Scrabble letters.

by Neil MacKay, Dyslexia Consultant and Trainer

Formerly a SENCO in leadership roles in secondary schools and now a UK based consultant specialising in Dyslexia and inclusion issues, Neil works internationally, delivered training to teachers in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe, as well as the UK, running workshops in inclusive classroom practice and meeting the needs of vulnerable learners.    Neil is known for his ability to bring the classroom into his training and he regularly models inclusive strategies in classrooms around the world.  In May 2019 he delivered one of his  latest presentations ,“The inclusive habits of outstanding teachers” to over 1000 teachers and advisers in New Zealand.  The “habits” are based around evidence validated strategies that are proven to accelerate the learning of those with additional learning needs and which enable teachers to help individuals without always needing to give individual help.

If you would like to join this Zoom meeting please register in advance with your first name, surname and email address at: –

This link will open on Monday 8th February.

 You can join the meeting from 7.55 pm.

 For further details phone: 07948 702491

19th May 2021 at 8 pm

Dyslexia and Vision
by Professor Bruce Evans, 

Director, Evans Optometric Consultancy Ltd
Visiting Professor, City University & London South Bank University; Director of Research, Institute of Optometry

I am an optometrist, spending roughly half my time in clinical practice and half doing research. My interest in dyslexia started with a dyslexic father, then brother, then two dyslexic children. My PhD (in 1991) was on visual factors in dyslexia and I have maintained a research interest in the subject ever since. 

My talk explains the role of visual factors in dyslexia, stressing that visual problems are not main causes of dyslexia but can be a contributory factor in some cases. The visual problems that sometimes co-occur with dyslexia are listed, together with their likely impact on the child and how these visual problems can be detected and managed. Controversies on this topic are discussed.


Wednesday June 16th at 8 pm

Support For Memory

by Sheila Cruchley, Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and Literacy Coordinator at a school for children with diverse and complex needs.