19th May 2021 at 8 pm

Dyslexia and Vision
by Professor Bruce Evans, 

Director, Evans Optometric Consultancy Ltd
Visiting Professor, City University & London South Bank University; Director of Research, Institute of Optometry

I am an optometrist, spending roughly half my time in clinical practice and half doing research. My interest in dyslexia started with a dyslexic father, then brother, then two dyslexic children. My PhD (in 1991) was on visual factors in dyslexia and I have maintained a research interest in the subject ever since. 

My talk explains the role of visual factors in dyslexia, stressing that visual problems are not main causes of dyslexia but can be a contributory factor in some cases. The visual problems that sometimes co-occur with dyslexia are listed, together with their likely impact on the child and how these visual problems can be detected and managed. Controversies on this topic are discussed.

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