Welcome to Sutton Dyslexia Association

Who are we?

Sutton Dyslexia Association is a self help group run entirely by volunteers and dependent on subscriptions and fundraising. Many of our members are parents or teachers of dyslexics; some are themselves dyslexic.

What do we do?

The Association provides support for dyslexics and their families. Our continuous programme of meetings gives you the opportunity to meet and talk with others who are experiencing similar problems. As part of our activities we:

  • – Run telephone and email helplines for those who need information, advice and support.
  • – Hold regular public meetings with talks by professionals specialising in dyslexia difficulties.
  • – Hold drop- in sessions for parents to share ideas with other parents and members of the committee.
  • – Give advice about and sell other useful aids to support learning at our meetings.
  • – Give advice about useful computer software and apps at meetings.
  • – Provide a register of local specialist dyslexia tutors on request.
  • – Give advice about dyslexia assessment through the helpline.

Perhaps the most important of all, we offer you someone to talk to.